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Headteacher's Welcome


Img 6354At Merstham Primary School, we want children to be confident lifelong learners. We set high expectations academically and socially and provide a nurturing environment to develop a caring attitude.

Therefore, we want our school to be a place where:

  • everyone feels safe, cared for and included;

  • all children are given the skills and opportunities to be independent and collaborative learners in a happy, structured, stimulating environment;

  • expectations are high, both collectively and individually;

  • all children are equipped with the knowledge and skills to choose a healthy, active lifestyle;

  • teachers provide school days that excite, challenge and motivate each child;

  • our 6 rules are simple, fair, understood and consistent;

  • everyone is valued and respected regardless of gender, race, age, religion or ability;

  • goals and targets are clearly defined and explained and achievements are celebrated;

  • we prepare all our children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life and equip them to achieve the highest standards possible in everything they do.

We welcome visitors – you will find us situated within the village of Merstham and we pride ourselves on being part of this vibrant and caring community.

If you would like to visit, please call the main office or email us on We look forward to meeting you!

Gavin Oulton