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At Merstham Primary School our vision statement A community growing, learning and achieving together clearly sets out what we wish to achieve as a school community. Embedded in our vision are our values: Community, Aiming High, Learning to Learn and Wellbeing.

Technology is changing the lives of everyone on a daily and on a global scale. By delivering a high-quality computing curriculum here at Merstham Primary School, we inspire and equip the next generation to participate in this rapidly changing world. Computing skills and computational thinking are a major factor in enabling children to become resilient, creative and critical digital citizens, understanding their role and responsibilities in the digital landscape.

At Merstham Primary School our vision is for children to be confident users of technology so that we can develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to develop a curiosity for learning and inspire creativity. We ensure that children know how to use technology safely and responsibly, putting a high importance on e-safety as part of our Safeguarding Curriculum.  

We know that computing in schools represents continuity and change, challenge and opportunity. It gives Merstham Primary School the chance to review and enhance current approaches in order to provide an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world in which we live.

Computing is concerned with how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. Pupils at Merstham Primary gain an understanding of computational systems of all kinds, whether or not they include computers. Computational thinking provides insights into many areas of the curriculum, and influences work at the cutting edge of a wide range of disciplines. It allows our children to solve problems, design systems, and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. It is a skill that empowers, the pupils at Merstham Primary School. Our pupils who can think computationally are better able to conceptualise, understand and use computer-based technology, and so are better prepared for today’s world and the future.

At Merstham Primary School we use the scheme Switched on Computing which engages our learners and gives them the opportunity to develop different skills.

In KS1, units are mostly completed on iPads but also with the opportunity to work on the laptops and in the computer suite. Children have had the chance to learn about new apps which enhance their learning as well as securing computer skills.

In upper KS1 and throughout KS2 the children will progress from being just users of computers and software to becoming confident and creative explorers, inventors and problem solvers of computers, systems and software.

Useful Links

Here are some links we really recommend looking through to help have those important conversations about using technology safely and positively at home: