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Governing Body (SSB)

Who we are

The School Standards Board (SSB) provides the local governance function for our school and fit within the overall governance structure of GLF Schools. 

Further information about governance at GLF Schools can be found here

Members of the School Standards Board (SSB):

  • Mr Martin Edward Fisher 

         Merstham Primary School 

         London Road South 

         Surrey RH1 3AZ 

Parent Members
  • Mr Martin Edward Fisher (Chair) 

  • Tina Lockwood
Community Members
  • Mrs Beverley Burr (Vice Chair)

  • Mr Ian Rigby

  • Mr Kelvin Heard

  • Mr Richard Feist

Head Teacher
  • Mr Gavin Oulton
GLF Schools Central Team Member
SSB Clerk
  • Ms Sarah Morgan

To view the membership, business interests and meeting attendance for our SSB members, please click on the following link: Register of Interests