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School Uniform

The aim of the uniform at Merstham Primary School is that it makes pupils feel part of a team and therefore, promotes a positive attitude for learning.  We are grateful for the voice of pupils, parents and staff, who have contributed to the final design of the uniform.

All children must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school.  Parents and carers are asked to co-operate fully by providing the uniform and ensuring children wear it correctly to and from school, and at other times as required.

Second hand uniform is available from the PTA. Please contact the office if you need any help.


(Nursery & Reception)

KS1 (Years 1 & 2) KS2 (Years 3 - 6)     

Navy v-neck sweatshirt or cardigan

  (Optional) School Tie (Required) School Tie
White polo shirt with or without the logo White short or long-sleeved shirt
Plain Navy jogging bottoms Grey trousers or navy skirt or pinafore dress
Plain Navy shorts Grey shorts, or yellow summer dress can be worn during the Summer Term & during Autumn Term 1
Black, grey or white socks

Black or grey socks with trousers

White socks or navy tights with skirt/dress

Black Plain Trainers or shoes (not plimsolls) Black school shoes (no trainers, boots or sandals)


PE Kit for Reception, KS1 & KS2 (not Nursery)
School navy PE t-shirt with house colour stripe (Reception children can wear a plain navy t-shirt)
Navy PE shorts
Trainers (not plimsolls)
White or navy sports socks
Plain navy/black sweatshirt (for weekly outdoor PE)
Plain navy/black jogging bottoms (for weekly outdoor PE)

Shoes should be suitable for school wear.  Children must not wear trainers or boots to school and younger children should have velcro fastenings if they are not able to tie their shoe laces. Shoes must be closed toe and navy or black.

School Bag
Please provide your child with a small school bag, in which they can carry a reading book, a learning diary, homework and a water bottle.  Please note, large holdall type bags cannot be accommodated due to coat peg space.  For EYFS and KS1 children, an optional book bag is available from

Personal Appearance
Shoulder length hair, for safety and hygiene reasons, should be tied back from the face. Hair accessories should be plain in school colours.  If children have pierced ears, only small plain metal studs should be worn and these must be removed for PE. If your child is unable to remove their earrings, they are required to make them safe by taping front and back with tape provided from home. This taping may be done at home for younger children.

It is not appropriate for children in primary school to wear make up, nail varnish or jewellery and we ask parents/carers not to allow children to wear it.

Outer Wear
In winter, children need a warm waterproof coat.  In summer, an anorak, or suitable waterproof should be brought to school when the weather is unsettled. During warm, sunny weather a hat is required, an optional school summer cap is available from SWOTS.

School uniform can be purchased from Scott Ellis in Reigate, 24 Church Street,
Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0AN

Tel: 01737 243825         Email:


Sweatshirts, cardigans, book bags and PE bags can also be purchased from My Clothing

Please ensure that all articles of clothing and other items brought to school, are clearly marked with your child's name.