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At Merstham Primary School, we have implemented theThrive Approach’. Our new Thrive Leader has successfully completed the ‘Thrive Licensed Practitioner Course’ in April 2021. The Thrive approach fits in well with our school's vision and values.

The Thrive Approach is a way of assessing and supporting children’s social and emotional development. These assessments can be used to provide personalised programmes for classes, groups and individuals. 

All children will be supported through a whole school approach. The class teacher will carry out a class assessment, which will identify particular areas to work on within the class environment. These could range from how we deal with difficult feelings, how to have differing opinions and how we learn and develop new skills. 

We are dedicated to supporting children’s mental well-being and we recognise the importance of preparing children emotionally for life's challenges.

If you would like more information, please click on the link below for parent information.


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