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At Merstham Primary School our vision statement ‘A community growing, learning and achieving together’ clearly sets out what we wish to achieve as a school community. Embedded in our vision are our values Community, Aiming High, Learning to Learn and wellbeing.

At Merstham Primary School our intent in Science is to:

 foster our pupils’ natural curiosity by providing rich opportunities to develop their scientific understanding and enquiry so that they develop a lifelong enthusiasm for scientific learning and discovery.

 develop and deepen their understanding of Scientific Enquiry and concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics to ensure they are equipped to take their learning further.

 promote effective communication, using the language and vocabulary of science and a variety of ways to present information scientifically.

 provide high quality lessons that are engaging, challenging and fun with opportunities for individual and team work and that use high quality resources, practical activities and real life environments and experiences as much as possible.

This is implemented through weekly science lessons. The school follows the Early Years Curriculum and the National Curriculum with children developing their scientific knowledge and skills through different science topics.

In Early Years, children engage in scientific activities through their study and acquisition of Understanding the World (UW).

In Key Stage 1 and 2 children follow the programme of study developing Working Scientifically skills alongside different science topics. As they progress through the school they encounter a wider range of skills and develop a broader and deeper understanding of Science topics.


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