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We have spaces for enrolment now.

Please contact the office on 01737 924476 for an admissions pack or to arrange a viewing. 


Here at Merstham Primary School we also have a wonderful Nursery accepting primarily children aged 3 and 4, but also 2 year olds. 




A child will be eligible for admission to a nursery class in Merstham Primary School from the age of three.  Admission will be subject to an application being made and places available, (we also consider spaces for younger children- subject to availability and take up).

All children aged between 3 and 4 years old are eligible for the universal entitlement of 15 hours funded early education. Children who are eligible for 15 hours of funded provision at 3 years will receive the funding if they turn 3 before the following cut-off funding dates of 31st August, 31st December and 31st March. For example, if a child turns 3 on 28th August, the funding would be available for them to start on the first day of term after summer holidays, however, if a child turns 3 on 1st September, the funding would not be available until the following January.

Some families are eligible for an extra 15 hours of free early education. This means that their entitlement will increase to a total of 30 hours per week during term time. Please see for eligibility.

Please see the document below for further information