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School priorities

Merstham Primary School SEFDP 2021-2022

Priorities and Success Criteria


Success Criteria (by the end of 2021-2022)

The Quality of Teaching: Quality First Teaching inclusive teaching for all pupils in class

  • Teaching is evidenced as focused, engaging and well-paced
  • Differentiated learning strategies to meet the learning needs of all pupils
  • Classroom displays include key vocabulary and celebrate work
  • High quality work evident in books
  • Assessments shows all children have made strong progress in reading, writing and maths
  • Barriers to learning are clearly understood and appropriate intervention is in place for each child

School Curriculum:

A bespoke curriculum covering of the National Curriculum aligned with the school context and the local community

  • A clear curriculum intent with key themes and ‘big ideas’ included
  • Clear sequencing and progression from EYFS to Y6 evidenced in planning
  • Knowledge and skills being taught are mapped out to enable children to deepen their understanding of core curriculum content
  • Implementation through teaching and learning is a strength
  • Robust system to measure the impact of the curriculum
  • Opportunities for oracy are embedded
  • Children speak confidently about the knowledge they have acquired
  • Build on opportunities to improve levels of cultural capital. A plan is in place to deliver extra-curricular activities

Early Reading and phonics

  • Evidence-based reading curriculum that meets the school context needs
  • Children listen to and engage with high quality texts
  • Children are listened to reading at least once per week and SEN and PP children are listened to at least three times per week
  • Phonics scores are 95% (Y2) and 90% (Y1)
  • Children read for meaning and pleasure; staff model this
  • Improved expected standards, and targeted interventions to close the gap
  • There is a plan in place to develop the library into a magical reading area as well as a functional library where children go to read for pleasure and expand their reading experiences


Focus on Leadership, phonics, CoEL

  • Leaders are fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of EYFS
  • Clear focus from all staff on developing CoEL
  • Leadership of the EYFS ensures that progress across the class is consistently good
  • Language and communication needs are supported as a priority with successful intervention using NELI and Word Aware
  • There is a plan in place to ensure the EYFS area is developed by the end of the academic year

Leadership and management:

A focus on impact

  • Strong senior leadership with clear vision for the school
  • Strong subject leadership ensures all subjects are taught to a high standard
  • Leaders are proactive and have a clear plan for subject development that delivers improvements on progress for all children
  • Leaders are able to demonstrate impact
  • A robust system is in place for monitoring and improving attendance


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