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School Meals

Children have the choice of bringing a packed lunch or eating a hot meal prepared by the school’s kitchen staff. At Merstham we are fortunate to have our own kitchen, providing freshly cooked, high quality meals each day. There is a choice of a meat meal, a vegetarian meal or a salad. School meal menus are available from the school office.

For children who wish to bring a packed lunch parents should ensure that items are packed to stay fresh, and that drinks are packed appropriately in plastic or cardboard containers. Glass containers or carbonated drinks must not be brought to school.

Nursery children are provided with free milk and fruit is available for a small charge . KS1 children are provided with free fruit. KS2 children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit in their school bag, to have as a snack during the morning break. We also ask all children to bring in a water bottle every day to encourage them to drink healthy amounts of water during the day. It is important that water bottles are labelled with the child’s name.

Children in Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 are all entitled to receive free school meals funded by the Government.

For children in Years 3 to 6 school meals are £2.60 per day (£13.00 per week). We require payment, in advance, on Monday mornings. You can use our online payment system and you will need to register to do this. Please let the office know if you have not yet registered as they will generate a letter with a unique code for your payments. All payments made via the Schools Cash Office website go directly to Surrey County Council. Please follow this link:

Guide to Online Payment Registration
Guide to Online Payment Checkout